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Whether you’re a tech-head with a passion for enjoying the industry’s best, or you’ve got an ancient phone that needs to find its way into the hands of a hobbyist, iFixandRestore is here to help you sell your device. Our friendly team and decade of experience make us the best at what we do.

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When you choose iFixandRestore to sell your device, you choose a team with a decade of industry experience. We’ve tracked advancements and improvements as they’ve come along, and we continue to keep our finger on the pulse of new tech. This allows us to provide you with unmatched selling and buying expertise. If you need to sell but you don’t want the hassle, we’re happy to take care of it. If you’re looking for an affordable, excellent device, we can find you a fantastic match.

As experts with an abiding passion for pretty much any kind of tech, we have a unique understanding of how to sell devices for the best prices. We would be happy to help you sell your device, and if you’re looking for a one, we have an amazing selection of Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft devices for you to explore at our physical location.

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Whether your phone is broken or your tablet has a crack, turn to our specialized skill set. Learn more about our phone repair, tablet repair, and computer repair services.


We’re here to keep your device from being damaged in the first place. Learn more about our protective products and find the perfect fit for your device today!


If you’re ready to say goodbye to a device, don’t worry about the hassle of selling it. Instead, let the iFixandRestore team prep your device for a new owner and sell it.