Technology plays a major role in your life whether you’re working, playing, or building relationships. At iFixandRestore, we specialize in solving troubles you may have with your phone, tablet, or computer. We can effectively repair Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft devices. Because they make it easy to connect, research, and explore, we’re proud to be the ones who keep them going strong!

Even though it may seem that technology changes faster than you can blink, we’re the ones who keep up. There’s nothing we love more than keeping a finger on the pulse of new developments. We have built up more than a decade of knowledge, which means we can help you whether you have a brand new device or a beloved old one. When you turn to us for tech repair, you can rest assured that you’ll get a friendly welcome, transparent communication, and excellent workmanship. We’re your allies when it comes to getting the most out of your tech investment.

While you may be tempted to discard your damaged device and spend a bunch of money on a new one, it simply isn’t necessary. The iFixandRestore team can identify the issue and fix it for a fraction of the cost. Our years of experience with Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple devices have equipped us to handle whatever the issue may be. You won’t find phone repair like ours anywhere else. Give us a call for all of your tech repair needs!

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Whether your phone is broken or your tablet has a crack, turn to our specialized skill set. Learn more about our phone repair, tablet repair, and computer repair services.


We’re here to keep your device from being damaged in the first place. Learn more about our protective products and find the perfect fit for your device today!


If you’re ready to say goodbye to a device, don’t worry about the hassle of selling it. Instead, let the iFixandRestore team prep your device for a new owner and sell it.