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Since being founded in 2013, iFixandRestore has repaired an average of 1,000 devices a month and earned A+ ratings from customers across the board. Thanks to our profound, ever-increasing depth of knowledge, we can repair Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung devices. There’s nothing more satisfying for us than getting to the bottom of a frustrating issue!

While we’re all about protecting, repairing, and selling devices, we’re also about helping people. As a family owned and operated business we work hard every day to make life easier for our customers by creating a friendly environment, communicating understandably, and resolving all kinds of issues. It is more important to us to offer high quality, lasting parts than to increase our profits using cheap parts, and our close attention to detail ensures satisfying results. From the minute you contact us to the minute you’re smiling at your repaired device, we want you to have a great experience.

When you need a tech ally who understands how wonderful, confusing, enjoyable, and frustrating technology can be, turn to iFixandRestore. We’re here to provide the specialized expertise that will get you back online in no time. Contact us today.

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Services That We Offer

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Whether your phone is broken or your tablet has a crack, turn to our specialized skill set. Learn more about our phone repair, tablet repair, and computer repair services.


We’re here to keep your device from being damaged in the first place. Learn more about our protective products and find the perfect fit for your device today!


If you’re ready to say goodbye to a device, don’t worry about the hassle of selling it. Instead, let the iFixandRestore team prep your device for a new owner and sell it.