Protection Plans

A better way to protect your device

At iFixandRestore, we are proud to offer protective solutions for all Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple devices. From screen protectors to antivirus software, our affordable prices and fantastic selection make it easy to keep your phone, tablet, or computer running at its best. Whether you’re worried about cracking your screen or losing your device to a virus, we are here to help.

Your device is an investment, and keeping it safe is definitely worthwhile. The iFixandRestore team works hard to curate a world-class collection of protective solutions for devices of all kinds. We know how frustrating it can be to not be able to use your phone or tablet because it’s broken or hacked, and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’ve been working to protect all types of devices for at least a decade, and we’re here to make a positive difference for you.

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While we depend on our devices to connect us, empower us to get work done, and to help us to relax, they depend on us to encase and shield them properly. The good news is, protecting your device doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. Our team makes it easy to find tailored solutions that match your lifestyle and needs.

Our Protection Plans Have Great Features at a Great Price!

Covers Damage and Malfunction

Cracked screen, water damage, faulty battery, button issues, they are all covered. And if we can’t fix your device, we will replace it.

Covers New and Used Devices

Unlike programs that only allow you to add protection when you purchase a device, you can protect your iPhone, iPad or Samsung with Advantage at any time

More Cost-Saving Perks

Advantage Members get big savings on cases, accessories, movie tickets, Uber rides and more!

On Call Service

Our iTechs come to you, anytime, anywhere. Even the same day.

No Strings Attached

We’d hate to see you go, but if Advantage isn’t right for you, you can cancel any time.

Keep Your Data Safe

We repair your existing device, on site, so you don’t have to send your device away for a repair or exchange your device in most cases.

Select Your Plan:

Deductible / Claim $20
Old & New Devices
On-Site Repairs
Membership Perks
Trade-In Bonus
1 Device
Deductible / Claim $20
Old & New Devices
On-Site Repairs
Membership Perks
Trade-In Bonus
Up To 3 DeviceS
Deductible / Claim $20
Old & New Devices
On-Site Repairs
Membership Perks
Trade-In Bonus
Up To 5 Devices

Services That We Offer

Get your choice of service from the variety offered by our experts


Whether your phone is broken or your tablet has a crack, turn to our specialized skill set. Learn more about our phone repair, tablet repair, and computer repair services.


We’re here to keep your device from being damaged in the first place. Learn more about our protective products and find the perfect fit for your device today!


If you’re ready to say goodbye to a device, don’t worry about the hassle of selling it. Instead, let the iFixandRestore team prep your device for a new owner and sell it.